Visualization: 3ds Max and 3D Rendering Training Courses in Mumbai

XS CAD Training offers a range of bespoke courses for 3D Visualization applications including Vray, Photoshop and 3DS Max Training courses in Mumbai. These courses are designed for architects, interior designers, graphic designers and students seeking to enhance their visualisation skills for creating photo-realistic architectural renderings and animations. Our instructors not only possess expertise in the software but also have extensive industry experience.

3DS Max Training Courses For Architectural Visualization& Walkthroughs

In this training course, we cover all aspects of 3D rendering and visualization including lighting, scene setting, interior design and landscape design aspects and animation. Students will learn to model an architectural scene and create presentations with unparalleled realism. Rendering using Mental Ray is also a part of these courses.

Training Course on Photorealistic Visualization using VRay

This course enables candidates to gain expertise on one of the world’s best 3D Rendering Engines – Vray. Learn to create real life like visualizations using a range of advanced light & material settings. This course is delivered by our experts who have gained experience themselves in a project environment.

Training Course on Architectural Graphics and Presentation using Photoshop

This course enables candidates to learn tools and techniques to create engaging 2D presentations for Architectural / Interior Design and Construction Projects. Using a range of commands and concepts, this course will quickly allow candidates to visually present their ideas in an aesthetic manner.

Being a division of XS CAD India, which is a leading provider of 3D rendering solutions to customers across the globe, we have hands-on experience on visualization projects. We use this experience to prepare our students in Mumbai for creating photo-realistic renderings that meets global quality standards.

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