Our Approach

We undertake a comprehensive recruitment methodology to place candidates seeking important positions in the AEC industry. Our process includes the following steps:

1)    Understanding Our Clients Business and Expectations:

Before initiating the candidates screening test, we take time to understand our client’s company, their culture, products/services and business sectors in which they operate. We then identify our clients’ expectations from the recruited candidate and align their expectations to the present market scenario.

2)    Planning Search Strategy:

We develop a bespoke search strategy and identify various channels including leading national and international job portals, social media sites and advertising media to be used for finding highly skilled professionals that meet the clients’ requirements.

3)    Screening Candidates:

We screen candidates from our extensive database of high-calibre professionals. We also utilize other channels (job portals, social media sites, advertisements) to identify potential candidates that qualify for the particular position.

4)    Shortlisting Candidates:

We verify the accuracy of the information mentioned by the potential candidates in their resume. After going through the pool of applicants, we shortlist candidates that best fit the required position in the organisation.

5)    Scheduling Interviews:

Once the candidates are shortlisted, we schedule their interviews with the client. We monitor the entire interview process and obtain feedback from both the candidate as well as our client.  After checking the suitability of the candidate, we assist our client in providing the offer letter with the right compensation package.

6)    Performance Reference Check:

Unlike others, our job doesn’t end with helping the client find the right candidate. We constantly check the performance of the candidate and get their timely feedback from the client.