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CAD drafting is for those who like to think and design. Luckily, for CAD drafter there are varieties of fields to choose for to stand a chance for good CAD jobs in Mumbai. Architecture or engineering are the fields to choose from, each with its own salary opportunities and job growth statistics. Most CAD drafters hold a certificate or an associate’s degree.


AutoCAD just keeps getting better. The company has released its new AutoCAD 2017 version and there are some thrilling enhancements in the release. In the latest release of AutoCAD a new Autodesk desktop app is added, where one can handle software updates, view latest videos and articles for learning software skills…


AutoCAD is primarily a 2D and 3D computer aided drafting software application used in the AEC sector to help the professionals prepare blueprints and other engineering plans. The term ‘Drafters’, is often referred to professionals using AutoCAD. You have probably come across 2D or 3D CAD programs if you work in MEP, architectural or structural engineering fields. With these programs, you can carry out tasks such as visualise concepts, design ideas through photorealistic renderings, and…


V-Ray 3 is a tool for Revit that’s built from the ground up for architects and designers. This tool brings with it some cutting-edge features that meet an intuitive interface, so that any Revit user can create amazing imagery easily and quickly.


The discussion regarding the reality of the skills gap has been a heated and complex one for a fair amount of time. However, several studies and a lot of data have provided evidence that there’s certainly a skills gap and a big discrepancy between the requirement of the employers and the training students get in the classroom..

coreldraw and sketchup training

Have you ever imagined documents without text and graphics together in the same file? How dull would they look? Or, if you could imaginatively draw shapes or cautiously create diagrams, but never with the same program. Such was the life on the PC before CorelDraw. It was in 1989 that CorelDraw took the computer graphics world by storm,


Architects are the force behind the creation of astounding buildings and structures. Huge construction projects including skyscrapers in big cities wouldn’t have been possible without them. While capitalism furthers the growth and affluence of the human race, tall buildings with beautiful designs and glory depict the magnificence. Looked upon as one of the chic professions for the elite class students, architecture has changed enormously in the last couple of decades where the demographic set up of students has changed dramatically and students from varied social background, streams and disciplines have come to join architecture colleges.


It’s quite possible that on occasion you’ll receive an AutoCAD drawing file that’s corrupted. It might have some sort of glitch in its data. This can happen, for instance, when the drawing was created in a non-AutoCAD software environment. Several software packages available in the market claim to be compatible with AutoCAD…


Internships in Architecture are of the utmost significance, since they help students accomplish a relationship between the academic part of coursework and the realistic aspects of designing and building to the execution level. Broadly speaking, there can be two types of internship in architecture namely: Summer or winter internship.