About Us

XS CAD Training and Recruitment Centre was started to fill the void of the CAD and BIM specialist training and recruitment companies in the AEC market. In particular, there was a growing need for companies that give in-depth software training and hands-on experience to students and professionals wanting to pursue a career in the AEC industry. Whilst there was a demand for trained professionals as per industry standard, companies faced difficulties when trying to recruit the best talent. This gap was filled by XS CAD India’s Training and Recruitment Centre.

Leveraging extensive industry experience of our parent company (XS CAD), we provide training and recruitment solutions of unparalleled quality. We are offering instructor-led classroom and on-site training to colleges, universities and corporate companies based in Mumbai. Using web based technology; we are able to successfully deliver online training, which includes online CAD/Revit training to companies across the globe.

The training is provided by our Autodesk certified tutors that have hands-on industry experience and software expertise. We also provide an Autodesk Certificate on successful completion of the training course. The certificates issued at the end of each course are accompanied with an Autodesk site listing that demonstrates the achievement of the candidate on the Autodesk database of practitioners.

Working closely with XS CAD’s Training division, the Recruitment division brings a clear understanding of the skills and abilities required by the CAD and BIM industry. We help architectural, construction, engineering and interior design firms to find the most suitable CAD and BIM personnel after conducting a rigorous screening and selection process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a pool of skills that would benefit the Industry as a whole as well as the individuals who wish to enhance their opportunities in the rapidly modernizing world of pre-construction design technologies such as BIM & CAD. XS CAD Training & Recruitment Centre aims to impart industry relevant skills in the areas of pre-construction design technologies for Architects, Engineers & Designers.